When you are accused of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs in Colorado, you face stiff potential penalties. Not only will you have fines to pay, but if your blood alcohol levels are high enough, you are involved in a crash or you are accused of a repeat offense, you may also face the loss of your license and the potential for jail time. That is why it is vital that you talk with a qualified Colorado DUI attorney when you are facing these accusations. Joel Fry, Attorney at Law, is here to assist you with your case.

Immediate Action Is Required for Most Colorado DUI Cases

In the state of Colorado, you need to act quickly if you are accused of an alcohol or drug related driving offence. Most of these cases give you only seven days to start defending your rights. Unfortunately, many accused individuals either fail to take action quickly enough or assume they have no choice but to take the penalties dealt to them. With a skilled attorney on your side, you can, and should, fight for your rights in a DUI case.

If you take action quickly, you may be able to fight the accusations and protect your rights. The police and other law enforcement officials that handle DUI cases often make mistakes that make the results inadmissible. A skilled DUI attorney knows how to find these types of mistakes that can help build a strong legal defense.

Taking action quickly also ensures that you do not have time to forget what happened. Your lawyer will take the time to collect a personal narrative from you, and sometimes events that seem insignificant to you may be important to building your defense. After all, the police may choose to ignore those facts that could lead to your exoneration, but talking to a lawyer soon after you were pulled over helps limit what you can forget.

Choose the Experience of Joel Fry, Attorney at Law, for Your DUI Case

With 33 years of criminal defense experience serving Durango, Pagosa Springs and Silverton, Colorado, Joel Fry, Attorney at Law, is here to assist you with your DUI case. Remember, you have rights, even if a police officer suspects you are driving under the influence. If those rights aren’t protected, your charges may not be able to stick. Attorney Joel Fry will help you determine what options you have, so you can protect your liberty and right to drive. If you have been charged with DUI, contact him right away for advice and help.

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